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I recently ordered the Scheepjes Colour pack, with 36 10g Stone Washed and 22 10g River Washed. I got the pack because I was curious to see all the available colors. I know I could have ordered a color chart instead, but that would not be nearly as fun as having real yarn. This yarn has become my new favorite. I do like a lot of other yarn as well….but this is one of my favorites. 

Note: This patter in now available, click here.

Zinnior when R.5 is done.
Zinnias on a plate.
Zinnias in Chrysanthemums.

I used to have the Colour pack standing at my work place, like a pretty painting, within reach so that I got give it a squeeze as well . Finally, I decided to make something fun with it though. I decided to make Zinnia squares. I reasoned that I could use the red, yellow, pink, white and burgundy yarn for the flowers, and the other colors for the rest of the squares.

Color matching.
Shades of blue and green.

I was also inspired by our garden, where we have some Zinnias. They can be fond in many pretty colors. After completing some squares, I realized that I had picked up on the color scheme of Chrysanthemums as well. It looks like my brain had matched most of the colors with it instead of the Zinnias, without me realizing that.

Some "fika" is always appreciated.
Time for a snack.
The squares are shaping up.
Squares with blue/green background.
Squares with purple background.
This is what remains from my color pack now... an I am not done yet.

I have finished 28 squares now, and I hope I have enough yarn for eight more. I need to save some yarn as well for attaching the squares, and perhaps some for a handle or two. We’ll see what I will end up doing in the end. I might have to get some more yarn.

You will find the Zinnia square pattern here on my blog soon! 

Note: This patter is now available, click here.

// Micmarmik

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  1. Claudi

    Hi Hi
    Somehow I couldn’t find the Zinnia pattern on your Blog 🙁
    You are so talented 🤩

    1. maria

      Thank you! I’m working on the pattern, it’s coming soon! 🙂

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