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I’ve had my profile picture on Instagram for so long that I don’t remember any one else. The old picture I thought was nice with its crocheted and real flowers that formed a heart, but now when I start a new blog I want to take the opportunity to get a new logo.

My old Instagram profile image
Kristoffer with the dog Peffen

I thought it wouldn’t be that hard to get something done myself, but I was mistaken… When I sat there thinking I realized that Kristoffer is good at stuff like this. I asked him and he said he would try to make a logo.

My Lemon Cushion
Another Lemon Cushion

He took his inspiration from my Lemon Cushion. I am very pleased with the result! Thanks Kristoffer!

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  1. Annika

    Verkligen fin ny logga och kul med ny blogg! 🙂

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