Early spring blossom pillow

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I wanted to make a pillow for my garden furniture. Drops Paris yarn was perfect to use (see photo 1). I crocheted a Early spring blossom square with crochet hook 5 mm. Click here to go to the Early spring blossom square pattern. When I finished the square it measured 11 x 11 inches.

Photo 1 - The Drops Paris yarn I used.
Photo 2 - The border around the Early spring blossom square.
Photo 3 - Close-up picture of the square.
Photo 4 - Crochet chart of the border.

I was going to attach the square to a pillowcase that was 19 x 19 inches, so I wanted to make the square bigger. I wanted it to go fast so I crocheted a lot of half double crochet, double crochet and at the end treble crochet around the square. I drew a crochet chart on a photo so you can see how I crocheted the border (see photo 4).

Photo 5 - Attaches loose ends to the back.
Photo 6 - The square and the pillowcase.
Photo 7 - The square on the pillow case.

When I finished crocheting I fastened the square with pins to the pillow case before I sewed it on (see photo 8). I sewed with large stitches (see photo 9), I wanted to see a quick result!

Photo 8- I attached the square with pins to the pillow case before I sewed it on.
Photo 9 - I sewed with large stitches.
Photo 10 - The result!

I think the pillow will look great on my garden furniture. Longing for summer now!

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