About Micmarmik

Hello and welcome to Micmarmik! An Instagram account, named Micmarmik, was started in Mars 2015. The name is based on the three first letters in Micke, Maria and Mikaela. The three of us planed to run this account together, writing about crocheting, gardening etc. I posted pictures of my crocheted work and garden flowers. Time went by and I continued posting pictures. Mikaela started a new account named @beauty.mickis and Micke worked a lot with IT development (no time for IG). Eventually, it became my account alone. I’m so happy about my account. It gives me a lot of inspiration.

I don’t remember the first time I crocheted, but it was a long time ago. My dad taught me how to crochet. He crocheted clothes for my big troll doll. My troll got a sailor cap in brown cotton yarn and an overall in pink and white cotton yarn. I loved it. Over the following years, I crocheted from time to time. 

I had not crocheted in a while when a friend, Anna @anna_ragnhild64, took me to a yarn selling store. I had a feeling that if I would buy then I would not be able to stop myself. I did buy anyway, partly because of my friends enthusiasm, and because yarn is like candy for the eyes! Now I have a room full with yarn (can’t by more now..haha), an Instagram account (mostly about yarn and crochet) and a blog about crochet that we built together, Micke and I. I have learned a lot about webbdesign, it has been hard work, but also a lot of fun. It has been a wonderful journey, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings. // Maria 🙂

About my logotype

Kristoffer @kbenne  made a great job with my logotype. Inspiration comes from my lemonsquarepillow pattern. I love the discreet look of the two crochet hooks and the colorful happiness. Thank you so much Kristoffer!


Yarn lover

Pattern maker

Crochet addicted

A  few years ago I started a blog at blogspot, mostly because I wanted to share my patterns. Over the years a lot of people and myself have benefited from the pattern descriptions there. It turned out to be handy to have access to the patterns in that way. I have my patterns written on paper too, but it’s not the easiest to read because of all corrections. It’s also easy to lose and forget where you lay your pattern last. ( Maybe just me….)

I have so far only published my patterns on the old blog. For my new blog, I wanted to write more about patterns beside the patterns themselves, such as what, why and how they became. . . I am aiming to create and write about more patterns and share the joy of crocheting along the way. 



Font guy

IT support

Hi, this is Michael. Although starting off a couple of years ago as mainly providing the three first letters in Micmarmik and providing support to my wife Maria, I am building and hosting the services on which this blog is running.  I don’t know much about yarn and crocheting, but I do love Maria’s work, and usually gets involved when an extra pair of hands are needed.

Closest thing to crafts like crocheting would be my professional interest in typography (fonts), or possibly coding programs (somewhat similar to writing crochet patters)..