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Early spring blossom square.

I see so many nice one – colored crocheted things and in muted soft warm tones in my feed on Instagram and every time I think I will do so next time. I will try to stick to a few colors and not digress and use the whole color chart, and a little more discreet colors too. It usually goes well in the beginning but then something happens in my head. All of a sudden I think it would be fun to try some other colors as well, so that I do not miss any fantastic color combinations, and so it starts with the extravagance.

Picture 1 - My first square in Soft Fun yarn.
Picture 2 - My second square.

On my latest squares that I am crocheting in Soft Fun from Scheepjes, I am trying to limit the color changes… hopefully?? In picture 1 above you see my first attempt to stick to a few colors. It turned out well, I think, but I still used four different shades of pink (I liked the result better). I think it might have been good with two different shades of pink as well. Same in picture 2 above, where you see that I used four different shades of pink. Here I tried to add turquoise yarn instead of the speckled white-gray yarn I used on my first square. I immediately see that I have started to digress from using few and discreet colors.

Picture 3 - The third square.
Picture 4 - Fourth square.

On the third square, (see picture 3) it felt like I probably have to try a little yellow and orange on the flower as well, because I already have started to tinker with the turquoise in the square. The result was better than I thought so I made several yellow flowers. When I started the fourth square, (see picture 4) again I thought  that I should only use a few colors. At least I managed to get the flower very even and nice in pink tones. On average, I seem to use about 9 – 10 colors per square, but several of them in the same color but in different shades. Especially on the flower. I’ll try to at least stay with white on the last round on the squares… maybe.

Picture 5 - At the design stage.
Picture 6 - "Fika".
Picture 7 - Flower square made in Soft Fun yarn.

Before I started crocheting the square in the Soft Fun yarn, I tried the crochet square in Mayflower Cotton 8/4 Junior yarn and tested different color combinations. You can see the result in picture 5 above. Then I crocheted the last round of the flower with green yarn. I then thought that bigger flower and smaller leaves made it better, but that’s a matter of taste. I thought that the square became so wonderfully big and fluffy in the Soft Fun yarn, so therefore the choice fell on that yarn when I was going to make several squares. The end result will be a blanket with 24 floral squares or more, with white yarn on the last rounds on the square… or that turquoise color is also nice…

Note: This pattern (Early spring blossom square) is now available, click here.

// Micmarmik

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  1. Gin White

    I am one of those the more Bright colors the better and the more I like it. I Love spring colors and Bright Colors.

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