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My inspiration comes when I least expect it. This time I talked to my mother on the phone. I picked up the yarn (Drops Paris) that was lying next to me and started crocheting, without really thinking about what I was doing, like doodling while talking on the phone. My brain was free to work with the creation while I listened to what my mother had to say. So my brain was thinking about flowers… oh so unusual … hihi. You can see the result in picture 1 below.

Picture 1 - My doodling.
Picture 2 - Testing colors.
Picture 3 - The first squares.

When my mother had finished talking and I saw what I had crocheted (oh a flower!) I wanted to try some other colors. I still used the same yarn, Drops Paris. You can see the result in picture 2 above. I felt very satisfied and happy with my new flower, so I thought that now is the time to make the pattern. But what happened then ?? Well … my brain said it wanted to make a square too. It would have been a shame not to have it done, rather quickly… Picture 3 above shows what the first squares looked like.

Picture 4 - Outdoor crocheting.
Picture 5 - Crocheted squares in Soft fun yarn.
Picture 6 - The variants of white border.

It took a little bit longer than I initially thought to make the square. I blame the Soft fun yarn I passed when I was on my way out to the garden to sit down and crochet. (What if I try to make the square in that yarn… hm ….) The square looked very nice in that yarn as well, so then my brain wanted to crochet with both yarns, see picture 4 above. Then I wanted to make the square a little bit bigger and I tested two different variants of white borders around the squares I already made, see picture 6 above. I liked both (you too, according to a poll on Insta!) but the choice fell on the simpler one, (see picture 9 below) which you can crochet when watching an exciting show or film.

Picture 7 - Coffee and crocheting.
Picture 8 - summer color combination.
Picture 9 - The simpler variant of the square.
Picture 10 - The squares piled up.
Picture 11 - Squares made of Soft Fun yarn.
Picture 12 - Squares made of Paris yarn.

Now it’s time to write and photograph the pattern! Oh … what’s lying here?! What a wonderful yarn! I have to test it with … to be continued …

Note: this pattern is now available, click here!

// Micmarmik

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  1. Lucinda

    So beautiful, your writings and your design and work. Loved it! Thank you for the inspiration today…✌🤟🌞🧶

  2. Alet Deale

    Good day, all you’re squares are amazing beautiful and so colorful 😊❤️

  3. Alet Deale

    Good day, all you’re squares are amazing beautiful and so colorful 😊❤️

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