Another six months with buntings!

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It’s time to show you my buntings from the last six months, November to April in #oneyearwithbuntings by @litevirkning.

If you want to read about the first six months, click here!

It has been a lot of fun and there have been many nice buntings to do. I’ve learned some new stitches too along the way. Woho! This summer my buntings will hang on my balcony and I think they are going to look amazing together!

November: #frostyflowerbunting
December: #shiningstarbunting
January: #winterweddingbunting
Hanging in the cherrytree.
More buntings in the cherrytree.

I crocheted the buntings with my yarn stock of Rainbow Organic 8/4, but in some of the buntings I used different kind of yarn. Like in the November’s bunting I used some silver yarn because I wanted the rose to look frosty. In the December’s bunting I wanted the star to shine and then gold yarn was perfect.
One of my favorites is January’s Winter wedding bunting, so elegant.


Fika and crochet.
Making a hanger with a plastic rod.

My buntings should hang on hooks, one by one in the windows on my balcony. I took some plastic rods,from my husbands 3D printer, and pulled through some stitches on the wrong side on the buntings. I heated the rods so they got straight. The one in the picture was my first try, the rest where straighter. Then I took some fish line and attached it in each end on the rod or in some stitches in the corners. 

February: #littlelovebunting
March: #classycoralbunting
April: #finalflowerbunting

February’s Little love bunting is a fluffy heart, easy to crochet. Perfekt for next years Valentines day! (and summer on my balcony)
My March Classy coral bunting don’t look like a coral at all, more like a fluffy flower. I liked to crochet that bunting and it’s a little fancy to, with all the pearls. (I know my beads don’t look that much, but they are there…)
The last bunting in April, on the project One year with buntings is so beautiful! I love to crochet flowers so this one is one of my favorites too! You know what? I love them all!! Thank you Annika for a lovely year of crocheted buntings!

Pattern designer: @litevirkning