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This summer I crocheted a lot on my Dahlia-Daisy square, but I’m not quite done yet. The pattern should be photographed and the pattern should be cleaned up. The Dahlia-Daisy square can be crocheted in two different ways, hence the name. One variant becomes a Dahlia and the other a Daisy.

Here I have used Paris and I Love you 5 yarns.

I have used Drops Paris and Drops I Love you 5 yarns. They like to split when crocheting it, but the more I use it the less I think it divides. I have simply gotten used to it or I have changed my crochet style to fit the yarn. I had many colors to choose from, so I had a little trouble deciding which of the colors I should use. Maybe I used most in the end … haha.

Flower with loop crocheted with Catona yarn.
Flowers crocheted together.
Pillow made of Dahlia-Daisy squares.

I also tried to work with Scheepje’s Catona yarn. It is a very easy yarn to use, because it does not divide as Drops yarn does. I just crocheted the Dahlia-Daisy flower with the Catona yarn, no squares. At the end of the last round of the flower I crocheted a loop of chains, it can then be hung in e.g. the Christmas Tree. I also crocheted the flowers together, both alone and when they became squares. I put together my squares that I crocheted in the Drops yarns into a colorful pillow.

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  1. Anna Ersson Ockerman

    Beautiful square! I look forward to the pattern!

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