Yarn bombing in Stockholm!

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I have never been on a yarn bombing before, so when Tinna @tinnahekl asked me if I wanted to join in on this fun event I never hesitated. She was on a scandinavian tour to work on a new documentary on Nordic textile arts and tradition.

My single colored 70x6 inches (178x16 cm) long piece.

I crocheted a single colored 70×6 inches large piece (that’s 178×16 cm), so it should fit the intended railing for the event. I used a inexpensive acrylic yarn from a local store. The stitches I crocheted with was half double crochet. It wasn’t too impressive at this point. When I was ready I took the train in to the city. The sun was shining, perfect weather for yarn bombing!

Here I have just begun to attach the piece to the railing.

I brought a needle and I had left a yarn tail on my crocheted piece so I could use that tail to sew the piece up on  the railing. The only thing I didn’t bring was a pair of scissors but it was a lot of yarn lovers in the same place so I could borrow one.

The view from Puckeln.
The view from Puckeln towards Slussen.

I found it very relaxing to just put the piece together at the railing and also it was fun to chat with the others who were there. The weather was perfect, a bit windy possibly.

My piece is at the top of this picture.

Above you can see some of the pieces in place, including mine at the top. The stitches looked really nice when stretched out on the rails. At this point I was actually impressed by our work!