Fancy flower pincushion

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The online store was recently looking for influensers to sponsor, and they saw it fit to chose me. Sweet! I got a goodie bag full of nice stuff sent to me, that I could do something nice with. Among other things, there were yarns, felt balls and flower sequins.

I thought for a while about what I could do for fun. Then I came upon it, a pincushion! I have recently started to block my crocheted work (blocking produces very nice results) and doing that requires many pins. I have keep my pins in a plastic jar and when I need to take a pin I often prick my fingers. Now that risk is hopefully reduced …

My idea was that it should be easy to make, and not involving any complicated crocheting. I started by crocheting flower petals around some felt balls and then I attached sequins to the flower petals with sewing thread. I put the flowers in a ring and in the middle of that ring I put 7 felt balls as a flower. After that, I sewed all the felt balls together, including those with flower petals.

Under the felt balls I have crocheted a round bottom of gray cotton yarn and green embroidery yarn (every second round). My son noticed me while I was working on the the pincushion and commented that it would be nice with green leaves around the flowers, and he was quite right. I crocheted the leaves with green embroidery yarn. I also crocheted a loop in one of the leaves so I can hang the pincushion on the wall. It will be a nice ornament until next time I need it. Unfortunately I was so eager to get the pincushion ready that I forgot to write down a pattern at the same time, but I will fix one soon. Stay tuned!

Note: This pattern is now available, click here.