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Granny square day is celebrated on August 15 every year on Instagram. It was @suregal27 that came up with the idea in 2014, and already in 2015 it became so big that she asked the magazine Simply Crochet to take over running the day.

It is one of the most fun days for us crochet enthusiasts. My feed is overflowing with nice granny squares of all kinds. With the hashtag #grannysquareday2019 you will find all the nice squares from this year collected into a single large digital blanket (the digital blanket only works if everyone posts pictures on the squares only). You can also make your own digital blankets out of the squares, for your own pleasure or inspiration (see below).

Granny square day 2019
Granny square day 2017

I haven’t been participating all years, because I have simply missed the date, ouch….! What a disappointment when I made that discovery.

Above you see pictures of my granny squares and digital blankets from this year’s and 2017’s Granny square day. Below are pictures from 2016 and 2015.

Granny square day 2016
Granny square day 2015

It has become easier to make your own digital blankets. I remember the first time I tried. I thought it was a little tricky.  Now I save the nice squares (almost all..hihi) in Saved on Instagram. After that, I take different screenshots of the squares together and then make collages of them in Photo Booth on Instagram. It turns out so nice!