allers flower poncho

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YarnSvarta Fårets woolen sock yarn, Garngrossistens woolen sock yarn, Järbo and Svarta Fårets acrylic yarn
Hook3.5 mm
SizeFront 62×116 cm (24.5×45.5 inches)
Back 78×116 cm (30.7×45.5 inches)
Sleeve length 55 cm (21.6 inches)
sl stchscdc
*…*Repeat stitches
**…**Repeat stitches within repetition
«…»Crocheted in the same or given stitch
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I found this patter in a book from “Allers” (a swedish publication) from 1984, at a flee market. The book showed how to make a blanket with the flowers, but I wanted to make a poncho instead. It was not easy to figure out how to make the poncho, but when I saw the result it was worth it! In this book, I also found the “rustic lace square pattern”. It was a real surprice!


I used 49 flowers for the front.

54 flowers were used for the back.

Here is an illustration of how to chrochet the flower. This is part 1.
Here is part 2. Image 10-12 shows how to put them together.
Here are some picture of what it looked like when I was working on the poncho.

Symbols explained (US terms):
*…* … times
Repeat the instructions, for example:    “*ch 1, 2 sc* 5 times” would mean    “ch 1 followed by 2 sc, repeated five times”
** … ** … times
Short repeats within a longer ones, for example:    “*ch 1, **1 sc** 2 times* 5 times” would mean    “ch 1 and a repeat of 2 sc; all repeated 5 times”
«…» in …
Stitches to be crocheted in the same stitch, for example:     “«3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc» in the next stitch”
(counts as…)
Replacement for first stitch on a round, for example:     “ch 3 (counts as 1 dc)” would mean     “ch 3 used instead of 1 dc as the initial stitch”  
(Total …)
Sums up number of used stitches, for example:     “ch 1 (= 1 sc), ch 2. (Total 2 ch, 1 sc)” would mean     “used as 2 ch + 1 sc, in total”
st Stitch
lp Loop
ch sp Chain space
BLO Back loop only
FLO Front loop only
sl st Slip stitch
ch Chain
sc Single crochet
hdc Half double crochet
lhdc Long half double crochet
dc Double crochet
ldc Long double crochet
dc3tog Double crochet 3 together
tr Treble crochet
dtr Double treble crochet
FPsc Front post single crochet
BPsc Back post single crochet
FPhdc Front post halfdouble crochet
FPdc Front post double crochet
BPhdc Back post half double crochet
BPdc Back post double crochet
FPtr Front post treble crochet
BPtr Back post treble crochet
2FPdc 2 front post double crochet around same stitch
3FPdc 3 front post double crochet around same stitch
FPdc3tog Front post double crochet 3 together
Pic Picot made with ch 3, 1 sl st in first ch
ch4pic Picot made with ch 4, 1 sl st in first ch

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